“Swiggy and Zomato helped my business recover post pandemic”

Adopting Food-tech

Surender Kevat’s menu got listed in Swiggy and Zomato post lockdown. He sensed an opportunity to grow his takeaway business with people preferring to stay at home. Since July last year, his orders from food delivery apps have tripled. It has sustained even after people have started stepping out of their homes.

Looking Ahead

Surender wants to open his restaurant as soon as possible. He currently has 4 stalls across key locations in the city and does not feel the need for another. The partnership with food delivery platforms, he believes, will help him achieve his goal sooner. He is against the idea of taking credit for his restaurant as he feels that is not what his father would do. Their family values have taught them not to invest borrowed money in the business to chase growth.




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