Surender Kevat runs a 16-year old food stall selling a traditional Bihari dish called Litti Chokha. His stall is quite famous and he has served the likes of Aamir Khan and Lalu Prasad Yadav when they had visited the city of Jamshedpur. With business growing over the years, he has opened multiple stalls in the city and aims at opening his restaurant one day. There have been a few challenges but Surender feels he is on track to achieve his goal.

Surender Kevat’s menu got listed in Swiggy and Zomato post lockdown. He sensed an opportunity to grow his…

Sitting in his shop in Jamshedpur, Ganesh Kumar often thinks of ways he can expand his business and earn more. As the sole earner in a family of 5, he says he feels the pressure of giving a secure future to his wife and kids.

When he started out in 2008, Ganesh used to only sell vegetables. He then expanded to groceries to increase earnings. He believes margins are not that great in the vegetable business as people bargain heavily and there is plenty of competition in the market. …

Sunil Agarwal, the proprietor of Chappan Bhog, a sweets shop in Jamshedpur, has a well established business. He started the business in 2008 and since then has added 2 more shops in the city. He has plans to expand to other cities which he believes would have already happened if not for the pandemic.

When asked about the impact of the pandemic on his business, Sunil says that at one point he was scared that he might have to sell one of his stores to keep the business afloat. He has taken a huge loan for his expansion plans and…

Kiran Communication, a small internet cafe, enjoyed their glory years before 4G internet and a wifi connection became commonplace in the small city of Jamshedpur. The owner of the shop, Kiran Kumar and his wife Rewati manage the shop.

“I love gaming and hence I started this internet cafe & gaming parlor in 2010. It took some time to establish the business but I started making good money once it took off.”

Kiran Kumar provided services like mobile phone recharge, bill payment and internet gaming at his shop. First few years were great for the business and the small shop…

Sagar Bhatia, a 42 year old businessman, named his shop ‘Emotion’ when he opened it in 2005. “Back then, we were the first gift shop in this area and people used to flock the store during festivals and happy occasions. For me, this has always been more than just a business and hence I named the shop Emotion”.

A few years down the line Sagar realised that gifting and decor alone cannot promise both steady revenue and high margins. This led to a slight shift in the business and they started selling groceries and other essentials as well.

“It was…

The stock markets have hit an all-time high. The kind that was unfathomable just a few weeks ago. It’s now fair to say that doomsday predictions from March have been proven wrong.

This bull run has brought in a lot of first time investors. For AMCs and investment firms, this has been a double-edged sword. There’s a massive surge in demand. However, the entire onboarding and servicing needs to be done remotely given the circumstances.

So how have these companies met this demand?

In our experience of working with many companies in Capital Markets, here are a few key factors…

Kaspersky has predicted that cyber fraud in India will increase going into 2021 owing to more users connecting to the internet and adopting digital payment modes.

This hardly comes as a surprise after seeing the sheer number of UPI and other consumer fraud we did in the last one year.

It has almost come to the point where every step we take towards growing our digital economy & increasing financial inclusion also presents an opportunity for fraudsters to con their way into the lives of common men.

For instance, consider the PM CARES fund. As soon as the government took…

Poonam Srivastava, a 23 year old commerce graduate, has been running a pharmacy along with her uncle for about a couple of years now.

‘Shree Shyam Medical’ has been a trusted name in their neighbourhood. Business has been steady and Poonam plans to accelerate its growth. She has a keen interest in digital platforms and wants to launch their Facebook page and even partner with e-commerce companies in the future.

They file taxes every year, have all the relevant documents needed to avail a loan if they want to and accept payments on Paytm, PhonePe, UPI and Google Pay.


Ribeiro’s first tryst with e-commerce has not been a profitable one. However, Ribeiro realises that getting direct to customer is the best way for him to grow his brand and business.

A few years ago, Bernard Ribeiro came across a farmer’s cooperative growing organic produce under the guidance of the spiritual organisation of Swami Samarth. Other than ensuring clean organic practices, this group of farmers practice Agnihotra — an ancient Indian fire ceremony to cleanse the environment everyday at dusk and dawn.

Ribeiro believes this makes their agriculture produce a better, cleaner, and higher quality than other organic produce.


Since the last five years, crores of loans have been disbursed by banks and financial institutions across India under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) scheme. Most of these loans are Shishu loans, with ticket sizes typically ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000. Going by the reports available on its official website, a bulk of these loans have been flowing through public and regional rural banks. Up until now, most of them had been using a traditional loan application journey which involved high physical intervention both from the customers and banks.

Considering that the volume of MUDRA loans has…

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